Give Your Office Furniture a New Lease of Life

Is Your Office Furniture Looking Tired? Feltons Can Take Your Existing Office Furniture and Refurbish it so it Looks as Good as New.

Refurbishing Your Existing Office Furniture Can Give it a New Lease of Life

If You Don't Have the Budget to Buy New Furniture, a Refurbishment Programme Cam Make Your Office Furniture Look Like New Without the New Price Tag.

Refurbish your existing office furniture with Feltons

Sometimes buying expensive replacement furniture isn’t an option, your budget may not account for it or you have another reason for holding back on such an expense.  There is an option, you could have the furniture refurbished.

We take tired furniture and give it a new lease of life, your furniture can go through a number of processes subject to your budget, cleaning, repairs, reupholstery etc, and it works out cheaper than buying new expensive, equivalent furniture.

Example of Refurbished Chairs